Male Pregnancy

Male Pregnancy

The hit Arnold Schwarzenegger/ Danny DeVito film “Junior” (I consider it a hit), has always left me in bewilderment. This has nothing to do with my inability to understand why anyone would hire Danny DeVito to act in any capacity, but instead revolves around the possibility of male pregnancy. Once again (or should I say “as expected”!?) Wikipedia has the answer and explains how it would take place.

Possible science of a human male pregnancy
Oral doses of female hormones would be administered to the man to make him receptive to the pregnancy. In vitro fertilization techniques would be used to induce an ectopic pregnancy by implanting an embryo and placenta into the abdominal cavity, just under or into the peritoneum.
Once implantation is complete, the man would stop taking hormones, because the pregnancy itself would take over. The embryo would secrete sufficient hormones to maintain its own growth and development.
The delivery will require open surgery (Cesarean section) to remove the baby and the placenta. Removal of the placenta would be the real danger because it forms such intimate connections with surrounding blood vessels that a massive hemorrhage would be likely. Implantation may also involve other structures in the abdomen, including the bowel and it is possible that parts of other organs might have to be removed. Several physicians who are well-accustomed to advanced and dangerous forms of ectopic pregnancies would have to be on-hand to handle any complication.

Did that sound like fun or what!? I for one have no interest in becoming pregnant or bearing a child. It is still interesting to ponder, regardless.

Wikipedia page on Male Pregnancy.

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